Though our style is named Shaolin Kempo Karate, we actually teach you in the opposite order.

Karate gives you a very strong foundation- a solid stance, powerful strikes, and balanced kicking as well as learning hard blocking.

The main weaknesses are the lack of mobility and reliance on the “one strike”.

Once you reach Orange or Purple Belt, we introduce Kempo Punch Defenses. These are still simple techniques- two or three movements- but because Kempo integrates hard and soft movements as well as throws and take downs, Kempo is much more effective in a self defense scenario.

To quote Grandmaster Villari in Shaolin Kempo Karate and Its Roots:

“Grandmaster Villari also utilizes the art of Kempo. It is a mixture of hard and soft movements that blend nicely, though it is not sophisticated enough by itself. Kempo lacks the grace of Shaolin with its integrated leg maneuvers, the quick shuffles and footwork of Karate, and the explosion of hard Karate.”

Some people refer to these as Kempo Animal Techniques. I believe this is a misnomer. The Animals come from Shaolin. These are Kempo Punch Defenses- not fancy, not super-sophisticated, but very effective.