“Those who can- do.

Those who can’t- post on forums.”

Once in a great while, usually when I am having trouble sleeping or need a good laugh, I visit a martial arts forum.

This may be a gross generalization, but judging from the subject matter and  intellectual level of many of the comments, I have this mental picture of most of these members living in their parents’ basements and while chomping on a bologna sandwich and slugging a bottle of Red Bull during a break from playing one of those fantasy video games, wax expert on why this style sucks and these guys only want to make money, and who’s going to win UFC 260.

Of course there are some excellent forums and reporting out there. comes to mind as well as some of the other mixed martial arts websites.There are some excellent martial artists out there with interesting and considered opinions as well. Few and far between though.

To me, the most ridiculous are the self-proclaimed “purists”. Cloaked in their smug belief in their superiority and knowledge of their ancient lineage, they wax poetic on why any martial art that can’t trace its roots directly back to a bored rice farmer in Okinawa who started swinging his thresher around one day isn’t worth squat.

Put these guys on a mat or in a bar and see what they have to say. I bet they’ll be calling out to Mama for more than another sandwich.

What say you?